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  • Usually, after you place an order for postal mailing, the mailings are scheduled to go out the next business day. In the last week of January, when the deadline to mail out copies nears, multiple mailings are scheduled for the same day.
  • In order to protect the files from identity theft, ExpressEfile assigns passwords to downloaded forms. For W-2 employees, the password would be an employee's SSN. In the case of 1099 recipients, it is the SSN for individual contractors, and EIN for business contractors.

    Enter the SSN/EIN without the dashes.
  • It depends on the status of your return! Please log in immediately and check out the status of your return.

    If you see the return status as 'Transmitted', please email us at immediately. You will receive an email from the support team after the return has been EDITED for you. You will be able to make changes and transmit the form again.

    If you see the return status as 'Sent to the agency', it means, your return has already been transferred to the IRS. So, in this case, you can do the correction after hearing back from the IRS.
  • You are supposed to send the W-3/1096 to the SSA/IRS only when you do a paper filing of Form W-2/1099. This form is NOT required to be sent when you are filing your W-2s/1099s electronically.
    However, you can always download and keep these forms with you for your records. The IRS recommends retaining copies of these forms for 4 years.

    Here is how you can do it in ExpressEfile:
    • Click the "E-Filed" tab on the left side of the screen after log in.
    • On the right side of the screen, you will see "1096 Form" and "W-3 Form" buttons from where you will be able to download a copy of forms 1096 and W-3.
  • ExpressEfile does not support this as of now. You may refer to our sister product that supports this requirement.
  • Since social security number is a 'personally identifiable information'(PII), ExpressEfile secures downloadable forms through password protection. If the file contains 'unmasked SSN', then it will be protected by a password.
  • If your returns are already been received by the IRS, then the only way to correct the mistakes is by applying through correction forms (W-2c/1099 Corrections).

    As of now, this feature is not supported by ExpressEfile. You may visit our sister product for further assistance in this regard.
  • To download a copy of your Form 1099/W-2, please follow these steps:
    • Click here to log In to your ExpressE-File account
    • Click 'E-Filed' on the left side of the screen under the 'W2/1099 Forms' column
    • Click 'Download' on the right side of the screen under the 'Download' column. You have an option to download either ‘masked’ or ‘unmasked SSN’.

    The recipient's SSN without the dashes is the password to open the file.
  • Yes. The W2/1099 generated for paper filing is made available under the "Paper Filed" tab of the Dashboard. From there, you get to see the options of e-file and to postal mail form copies.
  • Yes. You'll have the option to download form copies with the SSN masked or unmasked. When you opt to download with unmasked SSN, the file will be password protected. However, the SSN appearing in copy A generated for SSA will not be masked as per the SSA's regulations.

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