How To Download or E-file Form 2290 to the IRS Using ExpressEFile?

Select “Form 2290” & Enter Business Details

Step 1

Select “Form 2290” & Enter Business Details

Enter Schedule 1 information to generate your Form 2290.

  • Select “Form 2290” from the list of our supported forms.
  • Enter EIN, name associated with EIN, address and first used month of the vehicles reported.
  • Complete “Part 1” by entering the VIN & choosing the weight category of each vehicle.

Note: For your convenience, lines in “Part 2” will be calculated automatically based on the information provided in “Part 1.”

Click “Save and Continue.”

Select “Form 2290” & Enter Business Details

Step 2

Review & Complete Form 2290

Lines under Form 2290 will be auto-generated based on information provided on Schedule 1.

  • The information for “Part 1” and “Part 2” will be generated automatically and will include the tax amount that you owe.
  • Check the appropriate box following “Line 6” to indicate that you are making the IRS payment via EFTPS or Credit/Debit Card.

Click “Update and Continue”

Review & Complete Form 2290
Download & Print Forms for Free!

Step 3

Download & Print Forms for Free!

  • Download your Form 2290.
  • Choose the “Do It Yourself” option to download your Form for free.
  • Select “Form 2290” to download the Form to your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Print, sign, and mail your Form to the IRS.

Note: You are responsible for sending Form 2290 to the IRS if you choose the “Do it Yourself” option.

Download & Print Forms for Free!

Step 4

E-file Your Form 2290

Choose “IRS E-File Compliance” to e-file Form 2290 directly with the IRS.

  • Choose “IRS E-File” to e-file your Form 2290 directly to the IRS.
  • Select your preferred IRS payment method and click “Next.”
  • Provide your “Business Type” and “Signatory” details to e-file your return and click “Next.”
  • Your form will be processed to ensure it is error-free. If errors are found, simply click “Fix Me” or click “Next” if no errors are found.
Transmit Your Form 2290 to IRS

Step 5

Transmit Your Form 2290 to IRS

  • Review a summary of your Form and edit information, if needed.
  • Enter a 5-digit PIN of your choice to transmit your return and click “Transmit the return to the IRS*.”
  • ExpressEfile will then transmit your return to the IRS and notify you about the filing status via email.
  • The status of your filing can be checked right from your ExpressEfile account.

Once your Form 2290 is accepted, you will receive an email with your Schedule 1 (Form 2290) and can request a printed copy using ExpressEfile.

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