Form 941 - Quick Tour

Get to know the simple steps of e-filing Form 941 through ExpressEfile

Choose Form 941

Step 1

Choose Form & Fill Out Information

After signing up with ExpressEfile,

  • Select Form 941 from the Choose Form page.
  • Check the Quarter box for which you want to
    file Form 941 and enter the business information such as name, EIN, business name, and address.
  • Enter the required information such as total employee count, wages paid, taxes withheld, deposit schedule, and tax liability for the quarter.
  • Complete Schedule B (if you are a semiweekly depositor) and Form 8974 (if your business is eligible for the qualified small business payroll tax credit for increasing research activities)
Choose Form & Fill In Details

Step 2

Pay Tax Dues

If your business has any tax dues, you may choose your preferred payment method.

  • If your tax due is less than or equal to $2,500, you will have the EFW (Electronic Funds Withdrawal) option available. If you choose this option, you will need to provide your bank account information so that the IRS will debit the tax due amount directly from
    your account.
  • Other payment methods are also available, which includes EFTPS, credit/debit cards, and check or money order.
Pay Tax Dues
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Step 3

Sign Form 941

To complete the Form 941 filing, you must sign the form.

  • If you have an online signature PIN received from the IRS, you may use it to sign the form.
  • If you don’t have an online signature PIN, you may complete and e-sign Form 8453-EMP authorizing ExpressEfile as your Electronic Return Originator.
Sign Form 941

Step 4

Transmit Form 941 to the IRS

After completing the steps mentioned above,

  • Preview the form and make sure you have entered the correct information. Our in-built error check will also validate your return based on the IRS business rules and help you make sure that the return
    is error-free.
  • After reviewing the form, transmit it directly to the IRS. Once it is processed by the IRS, you will receive an email.
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