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What is Form W2?

Form W-2 is the Wage and Tax statement used by employers to report employees’ annual wages and the taxes withheld from the paycheck to the SSA. Employers must also send copies to the employees and the same information has to be filed with the state.

When is Form W2 due?

The due date to file Form W-2 with SSA and to send recipient copy is on January 31, 2020. File your Form W-2 on time with SSA to avoid penalties.

What are the different copies available for Form W2?

An employer requires to distribute the copies of Form W2 as follows:

  • Copy A — For Social Security Administration
  • Copy 1 — For State, City, or Local Tax Department
  • Copy D — For Employer
  • Copy B — To Be Filed With Employee’s FEDERAL Tax Return.
  • Copy 2 — To Be Filed With Employee’s State, City, or Local Income Tax Return

How to complete Form W2 using ExpressEfile?

The deadline to file Form W-2 is January 31st which is fast approaching. Get started with ExpressEfile and complete your W2 filing in a few simple steps.

Expressefile is one of the IRS authorized e-file providers that offer the fastest ways to complete your information returns such as W-2 and 1099-MISC with the SSA/IRS.

Here is the step by step guide to Complete your Form W-2 with ExpressEfile.

  • Step 1: Choose Form W-2

    Choose “Form W-2” from the list of forms and continue with your filing.

    Make sure you have all your information ready with you to complete your filing in a minute.

    Choose Form W-2
  • Step 2: Fill out your Form W-2

    In the next step, you will be shown the form where you can enter your form information one by one.

    Form W-2 consists of various financial information and you must take utmost care while filling out such important information.

    After entering the required information on your Form W-2, click on the “save and continue” button to proceed further.

    Fill out your Form W-2
  • Step 3: Create an Account

    • If you had already filled with ExpressEfile, just log in using your existing account.
    • And If you are a new bee, please create an ExpressEfile account to complete your filing.
    Create an Account
  • Step 4: Choose Service

    ExpressEfile provides you with two different services “IRS E-file Compliance” and “Complete Compliance”

    • “IRS E-file Compliance” lets you e-file your federal Form W-2 with the IRS directly.
    • “Complete Compliance” lets you e-file your Form W-2 with the IRS and also mail the copy to your employee.

    Choose “IRS E-file Compliance” or “Complete Compliance” as per your needs and continue.

    In case, if you prefer to paper file your Form W-2, you can download “Form W-2” and mail it to the IRS on your own.

    Choose Service
  • Step 5: Completing E-file Information

    In order to e-file your Form W-2 with the SSA, you have to provide the information about the type of employer, and the type of payer. Provide this information and click “Next” to continue.

    Completing E-file Information
  • Step 6: Form validation

    ExpressEfile will validate your Form W2 to make sure that it is error-free to transmit with the SSA. Any errors identified will be prompted and you can fix it right from there.

    We validate your Forms by parsing IRS business rules and Form field level validations to make sure that your forms are error-free.

    Form validation
  • Step 7: Transmit Form W2 to the SSA

    Once the process is completed, your Form W2 will be transmitted to the SSA and you will be notified via email once the SSA processed and accepted your Form W2. You can also check the status right from the dashboard.

    Transmit Form W2 to the SSA

What is the penalty for not filing Form W2?

You will be charged a penalty under section 6721 if you fail to file Form W-2 by the due date.

  • If you file Form W-2 within 30 days of the due date, you will be charged a penalty of $50 per Form W-2.
  • If you file Form W-2 after 30 days of the due date, you will be charged a penalty of $110 per Form W-2.
  • If you file Form W-2 after August 1, you will be charged a penalty of $270 per Form W-2.

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First Quarter Form 941 for 2020 Tax Year is due by April 30, 2020.

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